V16® Energy Drink Vitamin & Herbal Supplement
- Serves as a caffeine-free source of energy
- Supports and maintains energy levels
- Helps the body adapt to stress
- Contains adaptogens that support increased availability of oxygen to cellular
- Rich in 13 vitamins
- Helps the body perform at optimal levels

Someone who has difficulty keeping energy levels up
Someone who is sensitive to caffeine
Someone looking for improved general health
Someone looking for an edge in your sport or exercise program
AdvoCare Slam® Liquid Vitamin and Amino Acid Supplement
- High-powered, portable energy source
- Fast acting
- Sustained energy without jitters
- Sharpens mental focus
- Sugar-free

Someone who is always on the go and needs a fast-acting energy boost
Someone who is looking to facilitate workout performance, enhance sports performance and increase endurance
Employees working with tight deadlines
College students pulling all-nighters
Recreational and professional road warriors
Travelers coping with jet lag
Rehydrate Gel Electrolyte Replacement Energy Gel
- Encourages optimal performance through electrolyte balance
- Allows for immediate and sustained energy with Sequential Carbs
- Facilitates hydration in conjunction with plenty of water
- Lemon flavor with only 80 calories
- On-the-go portable and convenient pouch

Endurance athletes (runners, cyclists, swimmers, triathletes, etc.)
Team sport athletes (baseball, soccer, tennis, basketball, etc.)
​Anyone desiring a great source of electrolytes and carbohydrates
Rehydrate Electrolyte Replacement Drink
- Helps the body stay hydrated during physical activity
- Provides a full spectrum of crucial electrolytes for improved electrolyte balance
- Includes amino acids to help feed your muscles
- Fuels your body with carbohydrates for energy production and sustained muscle
- Contains antioxidants to fight free radicals commonly produced during exercise
- Helps prevent cramping during and after exercise

Someone who wants to sustain hydration and energy during physical activity
Someone who wants a superior sports drink
Someone who wants to enhance your exercise regimen
​Someone who wants a healthy drink for everyday use

Active Products

AdvoCare Spark® Energy Drink Mix Vitamin & Amino Acid Supplement
- Enhances mental energy and focus
- Provides support for long-lasting energy
- Helps fight occasional drowsiness
- 21 vitamins, minerals and nutrients
- Sugar-free and only 45 calories
- Helps reduce free radicals

Someone who has trouble waking up or feels "energy slumps" throughout the day
Someone who can't work up enough energy to live life the way you want
​Someone who is looking for a more nutritious alternative to coffee, soda or other energy drinks

Meal Replacement Shake
- Only 220 calories
- Balanced meal for optimal nutrition and weight management
- 24 grams of easy-to-digest protein
- High in dietary fiber (5-6 grams)
- 50% of the Daily Value of calcium
- 26 vitamins and minerals
- 1:1 ratio of proteins to carbohydrates
- Low sodium and low fat

Someone who wants a nutritious meal on the go
Someone seeking a balanced, low-calorie meal for your diet and exercise program
Someone seeking to lose or maintain weight in a healthy manner
Someone who has limited gastric capacity or requires an easy-to-digest, light meal
​Someone looking for an additional source of protein to supplement your diet
Catalyst™ Amino Acid Dietary SupplementKEY BENEFITS:
- Helps maintain muscle mass during exercise and weight management - Helps support post-exercise muscle repair and recovery - Aids in preserving muscle and energy levels during times of calorie restriction - Supports mental energy and focus - Contains branched-chain amino acids and L-glutamine, L-arginine, betaine, and taurine

IS THIS YOU?     Someone who needs to preserve muscle even when you have restricted your caloric intake Someone wanting to improve your fitness regimen by enhancing strength and endurance Someone needing an added boost to your current weight-loss program Someone who wants to tone, define and preserve your lean body mass
THE SOLUTION: Catalyst™ Catalyst supplement works by providing a blend of essential branched-chain amino acids and L-glutamine to supply your body with the muscle-building components it needs. Catalyst helps to repair and protect muscle, and thereby promote lean body mass by providing the essential amino acids that are in short supply. Other amino acids found in Catalyst such as L-glutamine, L-arginine, taurine and betaine help fuel and maintain your muscles to assist and support endurance and strength. Used in combination with other AdvoCare® products, such as the Meal Replacement Shakes or Muscle Gain™, Catalyst works to feed the muscles, not fat. By sustaining your muscles during exercise or reduced caloric intake, Catalyst helps rid the fat, retain the muscle, and leave your body more toned and better defined when used in combination with a healthy diet and exercise program.
Days 1-10 Cleanse Phase:
The first ten days are about cleansing your body of toxins and preparing for optimal nutrient absorption, and you may enjoy weight loss as well!*
- Herbal Cleanse-Citrus: helps to cleanse and detoxify your body.
- OmegaPlex®: essential fatty acids for increased overall wellness.
- AdvoCare Spark®: nutritionally-advanced energy

Days 11-24 Max Phase
Give your body the best tools you need to achieve your next weight management goal during days 11-24!
​- Metabolic Nutrition System (MNS®): Your choice of Max C+ (appetite control), Max E+ (energy), or Max 3 – for weight management, appetite
control and overall wellness.
- Meal Replacement Shake - your choice of chocolate mocha, chocolate, vanilla, berry orvegetarian dark chocolate: Complete nutrition in a great-
tasting shake
- AdvoCare Spark®: nutritionally advanced energy
24 Day Challenge (Weight Loss Program)

Each 24-Day Challenge includes:
- One box of Herbal Cleanse - Citrus
- One bottle of OmegaPlex®
- One box of AdvoCare Spark® - Mandarin Orange
- One box of AdvoCare Spark® - Fruit Punch

Your choice of one box of Meal Replacement Shakes - Chocolate Mocha, Chocolate, Vanilla,
Berry or Vegetarian Dark Chocolate

Your choice of one box of MNS® Max 3, C, or E

AdvoCare is a premier health and wellness company offering world-class energy, weight-loss, nutrition, and sports performance products along with a rewarding business opportunity. Distinguished professionals from the fields of nutrition, pharmacology, biology, kinesiology and medicine formulate nutritional solutions that are based on solid science and created with the highest-quality ingredients. The phenomenal results of AdvoCare products experienced by thousands of people.

​With products for rehydration, weight loss/ weight-gain, sports, post workout recovery and more, Advocare will help your family and fire family alike. Contact us for our extreme discount to our customers. We believe in making these phenomenal products available to our customers at our costs to help enhance your health and well being.

Advocare Nutritional Products

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The Science of Advocare

With decades of focus on wellness, lifestyle, scientific excellence and exemplary standards AdvoCare has proven the merits of his vision. The AdvoCare approach to nutrition, lifestyle and wellness, along with the opportunity to be debt free, creates a unique formula for providing families with solutions. By scientifically tapping into the profound knowledge of internationally-recognized experts on the Scientific & Medical Advisory Board and the AdvoCare corporate staff, we have created products that:

- Are produced to the highest quality standards in the industry

- Use ingredients that are present in effective amounts and work synergistically for superior results

- Reflect the latest scientific knowledge

Nutritional supplementation is an effective approach to restoring balance in our bodies whether through the supply of vitamins and minerals, micro-nutrients and proteins, or by taking advantage of the health-promoting effects of natural products.

Our connection to nature is profound, and our expertise in understanding how the molecular components of natural products modify our own biological functions allows us to develop unique and effective products for superior and balanced health.

That is the AdvoCare advantage.

​For further information on products, pricing or how to join our Advocare sales teams contact us.

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