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Black Helmet™ creates high quality clothing, accessories, and equipment for firefighters. Founded by third-generation firefighter James Love, all the designs are hand drawn, and unique. You'll find no clip art and no cheesy sayings, just images that relay the fearless, but frightening side of our job.

Often get asked about the meaning behind their skull logo. The skull has been a timeless symbol of danger. Regardless of the attached meanings for poison, radiation, and piracy, when you see that symbol it means that whatever lies ahead is not to be messed with. This is why various military units use this as their symbol and emblem. That fact that we are willing to face, and better yet, love to fight fire, we too deserve to wear this version of this emblem with pride. This symbol, the skull and fire helmet, is timeless and quite clear. Our job is dangerous. What we do is not a game, and is not to be played with. We are firefighters. This is how we live. It's what we love. Protect the public, and the brother or sister at your side. Remember those who went before. Teach the new ones coming up. We put on the brotherhood when we put on that Helmet.

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