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Turn-Out Cleaner (8751)

Turn out clean is a biodegradable product designed to clean turn out gear in an easy, safe and inexpensive way.  Turn out clean is used on all fabrics from which contemporary fire fighting apparel is made. This includes Nomex, PBI and Kevlar as well as trim materials like Reflexite or Scotchlite. Turn out clean is also great for helmets, boots, faceshields and other accessories. Turn out clean was designed with simplicity in mind. Just spray it on, let it sit for a moment, then rinse it off. What we like to see, just before leaving the fire scene, is a fire fighter grabbing a bottle of turn out clean with a spray top and spraying his buddy, passing the bottle, he in turn spraying his buddy and so on down the line. When they're finished, going back to the first person, rinsing him off with a booster line and then rinsing the others. When they get back to the firehouse they take the gear off and hang it up to dry. That's it! And the hydrocarbons are left where they came from. Sold in quarts.

Drench Wetting Solution (DRN)

Drench is a liquid additive designed to dramatically reduce extinguishing time when fighting class "A" and "AB" fires. By combining the properties of several products used in fire fighting today we have come up with one super concentrate that increases penetration, reduces friction and cools like no other product in the past. Fire departments are cutting knock-out times in half and reducing water usage by as much as two-thirds. Sold in quarts

Machine Turn out Cleaner (037)

Designed for use in high capacity washing machines and extractors for cleaning today's firefighters structural firefighting clothing. Add the specified amount to the machine and your gear will be cleansed of harmful dirt and soot which would eventually lead to the deterioration of your PPE.

Tank Saver (173)

With equipment costs constantly spiraling upwards every fire fighting agency must maintain its equipment properly. Corrosion, if not prevented, can virtually put a unit out of business. With a little foresight and the use of this product on a regular basis, the maximum life can be obtained from any piece of equipment. Used at a rate of 600 to 1, this product offers the lowest cost in the industry. Couple that with an indefinite shelf-life and biodegradability and you've got a first place winner.

Hose Cleaner Concentrate (755)

Maintenance of fire hose has always been a burden for fire departments. With our unique hose cleaner the job is made faster, easier and cheaper. This concentrate will dilute 200 to 1 with water when using a bucket and brush and up to 300 to 1 in high pressure hose washers. All you have to do is simply brush or spray it on, let it sit for a minute then hose or rise it off. One application will remove the heaviest build-up of mud, caked on dirt, light grease and oil and even some road tars picked up on hot days. Because of a revolutionary new preserving agent we have incorporated into this product, years of life will be added to your hose with a protective coating that surrounds each fiber. It also contains a rust preventative to aid in protecting couplings and fittings. This product is also biodegradable and as an extra bonus, performs as an excellent all purpose cleaner in the fire house, for coats, boots and helmets.

Firetruck Wash and Wax (175)

One thing fire departments have always been proud of is the appearance of their vehicles. Of course, this requires a lot of time and labor that could be used in more important places. We have developed a means of cleaning and polishing fire vehicles that is the cheapest, fastest and easiest available anywhere. All you have to do is simply brush or spray it on, let it sit for a minute, then hose or rinse it off. That's all there is to it. No heavy brushing or scrubbing and the trucks don't even have to be wiped dry because there are never any spots. When the material dries it leaves a high gloss shine because of the built-in wax. So when the trucks come in, just put it on, rinse it off and the trucks are cleaned and polished in one easy step and it just takes a couple of minutes. With a minimum dilution rate of 200 to 1 with water, it is also the most economical product on the market. To top it off, the thin coat of wax is removed every time you wash, eliminating any wax buildup and leaving your vehicles always looking new.

No-Flash Emulsifier (852A)

For most everyday spills use our emulsifier poured directly in at a rate of 20 to 1 (10 to 1 for extremely volatile liquids), agitate and flush with water until milky. The area will be totally safe from ignition, doubly protected with an added film forming agent and the hazardous liquid broken down for easy and natural cleanup. For the large spills you use the same product at a 1% flow through a conventional foam system, a little more agitation and flush away the problem. It's biodegradable, has an indefinite shelf-life and at a fraction of the cost of foam is definitely the biggest breakthrough in fire fighting technology in years.

A&B Hi-X Foam (853)

Designed to be used at 1/2 to 1% flow with any standard foam system or compressed air foam system for class "A" fire fighting, or through a foam generator for room filling billowy foam "A, B & C" situations.  This same product can be used through standard foam equipment a at 3% flow for most class "B" situations, including small flammable liquid spills.  Usage with salt or fresh water, indefinite shelf life, versatility, and low cost make this product a must for every fire fighting agency.

6% AFFF (858)

Years of research have resulted in our ability to manufacture a 6% aqueous film forming foam concentrate that gives high performance equal to the leading brand with a price that is a least 30% less. Since 1979 this product has been evaluated, purchased and reordered by thousands of fire fighting organizations. Following our strict standards for quality, Denko 6% AFFF offers quick knockout, long residual and most importantly a continuously sealing film that results in eliminating any chance of reignition. Although designed for hazardous liquid spills, this concentrate also offers enough flexibility to be used on most class "B" situations. Add an indefinite shelf-life and you've got all the reasons needed to add Denko 6% AFFF to your next budget.

1% AFFF (855)

Can you make a better aqueous film forming than Denko 3% Concentrate? Not really, but you can make it more cost effective. Tripling the concentration yields a finished foam solution that will cost over 20% less. This also means tripling the amount of fire fighting capability that can be carried to the fire scene a third the amount of space necessary for storage. In addition Denko 1% AFFF is freeze protected and it too has an indefinite shelf-life.

Double Strength ATC3%-6% AFFF (DS56)

Can you make a better aqueous film forming than Denko 6% Concentrate? Not really, but you can make it more cost effective. Doubling the concentration yields a finished foam solution that will cost almost 10% less. This also means doubling the amount of fire fighting capability that can be carried to the fire scene and half the amount of space necessary for storage. In addition Denko 3% AFFF is freeze protected and it too has an indefinite shelf life.

ATC 3%-6% AFFF (856)

A multi-purpose product specially designed for use on hydrocarbons as well as polar solvents or water miscible flammable liquids such as alcohol, gasahol, ketones and amides.  This product offers extremely fast knockout, high fluidity, long residual and no re-ignition.  Used at 3% for hydrocarbons and 6% for polar solvents provides the versatility needed today.  No special equipment is required, any standard foam system is fine.  This product has also been freeze protected, boasts an indefinite shelf-life and like all our foams can be used with salt or fresh water.

Founded in 1977, Denko sold it's products directly to fire departments with a staff of telemarketers until developing a network of dealers.  Eventually, Denko became one of the largest foam manufacturer / distributors in the country with over 500 dealers.  In order to continue growing, Denko was sold to a group of investors that operated as Denko Foam, Inc.  The original staff in production was kept on to assure that the company's reputation for quality would be maintained.  The competitive nature of the fire-fighting industry during the last decade, coupled with a short supply of fire equipment dealers that want to "earn" their share, forced Denko Foam, Inc. out of business.  Denko, Inc., a new and separate corporation has purchased all rights, trademarks, and formulas, and has retained the same production staff, returning to it's roots of selling directly to fire departments by phone, mail, and internet.  For quality, service, and pricing, Nobody beats Denko, Nobody!

Denko Foam Products

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