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7" x 9" (8" x 10" with 8" Parade shield) Quality wood grain wall plaque with shield already mounted on a curve like the front of a helmet.  Available with or without 1"x3" brass plate with printed wording. Prices: Add $25 to the price of the shield without brass plate, $40 with brass plate with 3 lines of text, 50 letters and spaces max. To order, order the shield you want on the plaque and select the plaque options on the shield order page.

Presentation Helmet Front Plaques.

Medallions available in two sizes at an additional charge to the standard leather helmet front.

Also available are mini leather helmet front key chains, which make a great gift for your members.

What they don't do: • They do not put a tin brace on the back of their shields. The quality of their leather and the fact that they stitch every detail front and back allows you to bend
​ their shield to the desired shape and it will stay that way. • They do not use stick-on letters on any part of their shields. • The do not use cardboard or plastic fillers.
What they do differently: • The only manufacturer that uses 100% leather helmet grade leather to construct our shields, not 
soft garment grade leather. • Each shield has a sturdy 8oz. (1/8" thick) back piece and a 4oz. (1/16 thick) face piece. • The sew every detail front to back to make the shield more rigid and to prevent puckering. • The recessed panels or panel lettering are always reflective, at no additional charge. • The lettering in their panels is screen printed onto the reflective material so that it bonds into the
surface. • Their center graphics are printed directly onto the leather, they do not use stickers.

​D.E. Williams Shields

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